Absurd Cinema


Paleis van Mieris invites you for a weekly movie and art programme every Thursday in July.

This thursday: Animalistic Instinct

This night will be the last event before paleis van mieris as we know it will be emptied out and left for other adventures to come.
It will be a Low key event, where you can and should bring your own drinks!

Tonight we will see one of the strangest movies to be found. The story follows Marquis de Sade, the writer of 120 days of sodom, in prison, the days leading up to the fall of the bastille. Relatively normal yet all characters in the film have been assigned animals to match their personalities. As the characters engage in their animalistic instincts, the walls are being penetrated and penises give writers critique, so the marquis writes about it.

Paired with the film, a video work directly inspired one the book 120 days of sodom by Marquis de Sade.


Poster design by Sander Puhl