Movies at Mieris : Absurd Cinema


Paleis van Mieris invites you for a weekly movie and art programme every Thursday in July.

This thursday: Black and White / Dark Comedy

Free Entree
doors open at 19.00
Movie starts at 20.00
Bring cash for drinks!

This film follows the exploits of a charismatic yet horrifically violent serial killer. Filmed in a psuedo documentary style, the 3 directors themselves portray the 3 main characters; the serial killer, and the camera crew following him around. in this one and a half hour rush of sociopathy, philosophies and twisted ideals, you will be taken on a rollercoaster in which you will even start to question yourself and your own morals.

The film will be acompanied by an audiovisual installation by Marius Mathisrud. His work (which was part of his graduation installation at KABK this year) dives into the subject matter of our abilities to create realities based on ideas or concepts that only excist in the mind of the believer.


Tonights drinks will be inspired on a scene in the movie;
Le petit Gregoire – Gin Tonics with a special and dark twist

Poster design by Sander Puhl