South Specific



Paleis van Mieris cordially invites you for a group show containing fresh works that are either South Specific, Site Pacific, Sound Specific, Scene Scientific, Sight Specific, Saus Specific, Sight Pacific or Stuffed Specific.

South Specific takes place during Amsterdam Art Weekend 2016 (24-27 Nov), and is connected to A Festival, a trip through Amsterdam’s experimental art scene, organised by Kunstvlaai.

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Esther Brakenhoff, Marc van Dijk, Barbara Dubbeldam, Maarten Schuurman, Thomas Slooijer, Lidewij Sloot, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Steffen Vogelezang, Joubin Zargarbashi


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A Festival of Project Spaces Kunstvlaai 2016

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