Unlocked/Reconnected: It’s Only Natural (outdoor groupshow)



Marc van Dijk, 'Open Studio' (2020), video still
Marc van Dijk, ‘Open Studio’ (2020), video still

Paleis van Mieris is pleased to announce its participation in unlocked/reconnected, an initiative that brings together a wide range of museums, institutions and galleries, underlining the importance of art and culture and spreading solidarity in the art community.

From Monday, 1st June, the first day that museums will re-open in the Netherlands, Paleis van Mieris presents ‘It’s Only Natural’, an outdoor groupshow.

What usually takes place indoors will be out in the open, day and night. The individual contributions of the artists from the collective together form a living landscape diorama that invites you to reflect on art and nature, indoors and outdoors.

Works by Esther Brakenhoff, Marc van Dijk, Barbara Dubbeldam, Maarten Schuurman, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Steffen Vogelezang

For more information on unlocked/reconnected please visit https://www.unlockedreconnected.nl/

FLyer Paleis van Mieris

Paleis van Mieris Beam Club (BYOB)


We like to invite you to the first Paleis van Mieris Beam Club (BYOB). Bring Your Own Beamer is an initiative of Rafaël Rozendaal and since 2010 organised in different places all over the world. All participants bring their own beamer to project a work on the walls, ceiling, floor, pillars or wherever possible. The works can be videos, but also (moving) light works, sound pieces and performances using projections.

Open: Friday 8th March 2019, 20.00 – 23.00
Location: Jan van Galenstraat 24, 1051 KM Amsterdam

If you like to show work, you can send an email to:
*DEADLINE* 28th February

Facebook Event

Paleis van Mieris at Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam

A future of travel


In the last episode of Teotwawki, Corridor Project Space initiates an exhibition where traveling and transportation itself become part of the process.

For this exhibition, each artist presents artworks together with crates they have previously been shipped in.  Others use the crate itself as exhibition space or ship a piece of luggage filled with various objects as self-presentation. All these different forms lead to thinking of new formats of travel.


Paleis van Mieris at Super Market 2018 Stockholm Independent Art Fair


Paleis van Mieris presents at Supermarket Independent Art Fair works by Esther Brakenhoff, Marc van Dijk, Barbara Dubbeldam, Maarten Schuurman, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Steffen Vogelezang.
Invited Artists: Johanna Robleto, Loes Degener & Douwe Mulder

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Paleis van Mieris gladly announces de-TOUR.
We invite you for a guided tour through a multitude of situations created by 25 artists. A three evening event that runs parallel with the Amsterdam Art Weekend.

2017 11 25 De-Tour-3

Participating artists
Niels Albers, Olaf Baars, Nelleke Bosland, Esther Brakenhoff & Maarten Schuurman, Cesium, Marc van Dijk, Helena van Essen, Levy Holtkamp, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Rad0 Misovic, Karina Pálosi, Liza Prins, Winde Rienstra, Femke Schaap & Sjerk Timmer, Thomas Slooijer, Lidewij Sloot, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Steffen Vogelezang, James Willent, Alexandros Zakkas, Joubin Zargarbashi.

2017 11 25 De-Tour-76
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Photos Tim Witte

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Absurd Cinema


Paleis van Mieris invites you for a weekly movie and art programme every Thursday in July.

This thursday: Animalistic Instinct

This night will be the last event before paleis van mieris as we know it will be emptied out and left for other adventures to come.
It will be a Low key event, where you can and should bring your own drinks!

Tonight we will see one of the strangest movies to be found. The story follows Marquis de Sade, the writer of 120 days of sodom, in prison, the days leading up to the fall of the bastille. Relatively normal yet all characters in the film have been assigned animals to match their personalities. As the characters engage in their animalistic instincts, the walls are being penetrated and penises give writers critique, so the marquis writes about it.

Paired with the film, a video work directly inspired one the book 120 days of sodom by Marquis de Sade.


Poster design by Sander Puhl

Movies at Mieris : Absurd Cinema


Paleis van Mieris invites you for a weekly movie and art programme every Thursday in July.

This thursday: Black and White / Dark Comedy

Free Entree
doors open at 19.00
Movie starts at 20.00
Bring cash for drinks!

This film follows the exploits of a charismatic yet horrifically violent serial killer. Filmed in a psuedo documentary style, the 3 directors themselves portray the 3 main characters; the serial killer, and the camera crew following him around. in this one and a half hour rush of sociopathy, philosophies and twisted ideals, you will be taken on a rollercoaster in which you will even start to question yourself and your own morals.

The film will be acompanied by an audiovisual installation by Marius Mathisrud. His work (which was part of his graduation installation at KABK this year) dives into the subject matter of our abilities to create realities based on ideas or concepts that only excist in the mind of the believer.


Tonights drinks will be inspired on a scene in the movie;
Le petit Gregoire – Gin Tonics with a special and dark twist

Poster design by Sander Puhl


dufus banner

 Saturday 15 July 2017 – A One Day Exhibition at Paleis van Mieris
EVERYONE is invited to make a WORK and INSTALL it in one day at PALEIS VAN MIERIS. THE EXHIBITION will be open ONLY THAT NIGHT

choose A FREE SPOT


2017 07 15 Paleis-18

UPDATE (19:17):
registration is closed
And these are the names and numbers of DUFUS TIDIOUS:

Colette Olof, Neeltje ten Westenend, Ans Vianen, Maarten Schuurman, Lieselotte Fontrodona, Olivier Oosterbaan, Marta Colpani, Rebecca Oosterbaan, Irina Ermolaeva, Anna Lobok, Marc van Dijk, Lennaart Allan, James Willent, Jannemieke Versteegen, Sofie Rouw, Marjolein Hessels, Maurice Maarsse, Yamandu Roos, Lena Myshko, Eliane Gerrits, Marieke Bolhuis, Jens Riesk, Tatjana Macic, Raluce Judorache, Esther Brakenhoff, Julie, Milan, Barbara, Lauritz Meier Andersen, Alexis Kazazis, Baukje Spaltro, Luca Maniscalco, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Steffen Vogelezang, Marieke Verkoelen, Caroline Curtis, Pieter Kusters, PJ Bruyniks, Robbert Weide, Anne-marie van Meel, Roland Berning, Vincka Struben, Merel Schoutendorp, Konstantine Mavridou, Toos van Aken, Pieter en Juul, Niels Albers, Tatjana Todokovic, Joubin Zargarbashi, Ojan Zargarbashi, Jacqueline Lamme, Mariette Groenland, Alex Zakkas, Ovidiu Spaniol, Willem van der Weide, Daniël Mullen, Marjolein Rijks, Kim Dijkstra, Hans Kuiper, Liza Prins, Sven Bergström

2017 07 15 Paleis-28
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Pictures by Tim Witte

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Movies at Mieris: Absurd Cinema


Paleis van Mieris invites you for a weekly movie and art programme every Thursday in July.

This thursday: Subconscious Sci Fi

Free Entree
doors open at 19.00
Movie starts at 20.00
Bring cash for drinks!

This night we will go on an adventure into space with a sci fi classic influencer from 1965. The story inspired by Shakespear’s The Tempest, follows a starship crew on a investigative mission after the silence of a colony of scientist send to another planet 20 years earlier; only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has. This sci fi classic has pioneered on many sci fi aspects, in special effects, sound effects and more serious approach to the genre, allowing an era where sci fi truly developed into a genre worth taking notice of.

absurd 3a

The sound works of Cesium will surely manage to get you in to or out of the right vibe. With the use of different vibrations she will try to directly influence the way you or your body feels, as in a way, transmitting her art to you.

Poster design by Sander Puhl

SALSA – Studio for Immediate Spaces hosted by Paleis van Mieris


A Group Show by SIS1 (Studio for Immediate Spaces / Sandberg Instituut)
With • Niels Albers • Malissa Canez Sabus • Gauthier Chambry • Naomi Credé • Samuel Kuhfuss Gustavsen • Giedre Lisauskaite • Liene Pavlovska • Mirko Podkowik • Rein Verhoef

Fri 2 June, 17 – 23h

Sat 3 – Sun 4 June, 14 – 18h


Studio for Immediate Spaces / Sandberg Instituut


Automated Painting Contraptions at KunstRAI 2017


At KunstRAI 2017, artists Sander ter Steege and Ovidiu Spaniol will present their ‘automated painting contraptions’, painting machines they develloped at Paleis van Mieris. They will operate the machines regularly during opening hours. You can find them in the section of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Ter Steege and Spaniol graduated in 2014 and were – amongst others – founders of artistrun artspace Paleis van Mieris.

photo: Sander ter Steege
photo: Sander ter Steege

For visiting info Kunstrai 2017: click here
For info and prices of the works: info@paleisvanmieris.nl or +31(0)642118638

Dante Land


Dante Land is a theme park built by more than 20 artists. The attractions are based on ‘The Divine Comedy’ by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321). In Dante Land, you will make a journey through hell, purgatory and heaven.

The route runs through Paleis van Mieris, a partly stripped monumental building Amsterdam Zuid, near Museumplein. Take a ride on the Styx, fight demons and stare at mythical monsters of hell.


Lotta de Beus, Merijn Bolink, Esther Brakenhoff, Marta Colpani, Frans van Dijk, Victor Engbers, Romke Faber, Pieter Kusters, Carolien van Mol, Olivier Oosterbaan, Liza Prins, Maarten Schuurman, Lidewij Sloot, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Gleb Tibo, Sander Veenhof, Eleonora Volpi, Pinar Yoldas / costumes – Lucile Haefflinger / music – Jord Homan / chief imagineers – Marc van Dijk & Maurice van Turnhout / production – Brigitte van Hagen / ambassador – Nas Lazaar

DanteLand  - 183 (1)
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Cephea’s whispering stones

whispering stones

“Cephea’s whispering stones” is the fourth chapter of Khurtova & Bourlanges’ current project “the Sky is on the Earth” based on the archive of Jacques Bourlanges, connecting star constellations and land geography.

Elena Khurtova & Marie Ilse Bourlanges present sculptural translations inspired by a peculiar text dedicated to the constellation of Cephea. Playing with the double etymology of Cephea as “stone” and “head”, the duo explores the fictional narratives superimposed on natural elements like stones and earth, and attempt to give them back their own “voice”. Referring to ritual practices with healing stones found in the Cévennes region of France, Khurtova and Bourlanges experiment with touching over recreated stones, enabling them to “speak”.


In Paleis van Mieris, former art depot of the Rijksmuseum and current art project space, Khurtova & Bourlanges will present a new format of “Cephea’s whispering stones”. Playing with the acoustic and spacious quality of the building in dialogue with the tactility of porcelain pieces, the artists duo will create an immersive sound and visual experience.

In this second edition Maia Lyon Daw and Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen will play live the ’voices’ of our porcelain stones.

whispering 1

Maia Lyon Daw is an audiovisual artist from the UK, currently based in Amsterdam. Her sound, video and installation work explores new formulations of ritual expression and alternative mythological narratives.

Jonathan Sachse Mikkelsen is a multi-disciplinary artist and has collaborated with Maia Lyon Daw on various sound projects such as ‘Bluebard’, ‘Wolf Death and the Acorn’ and most recently on ‘AEOIA’.

This project is made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fund and Stichting Stokroos.

Nook #6 Nicolaas van de Lande & Mariska Koolen – Textures of taste

nook 6

[Nook #6 Nicolaas van de Lande & Mariska Koolen
– Textures of taste

: opening: december 16th 17:00-21:00
: open: december 17 + 18 – 12.00-17.00

DSC_0274 website

shopw paleis van mieris website

strondbogen 30x60 2 2

: for info and appointments: mail@koolen-vandelande.com
: website: www.koolen-vandelande.com

All images courtesy of the artists.

[Nook is a small presentation space at Paleis van Mieris, made possible with support from the Mondriaan Fund.



Within the set boundary of an installation a continuous game of claiming and occupying territory is played. The work researches the micropolitics of space with the shift between individual limits and communal space.


A project by Maarten Schuurman and Esther Brakenhoff together with invited artists Joubin Zargarbashi, Marc van Dijk, Vincka Struben, Ilona de wind, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Radovan Misovic, Karina Palosi, Steffen Vogelezang and Barbara Dubbeldam.


 Special events during the project: a lecture about scent in art by art historian Caro Verbeek, a video screening organised by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos, and a sound performance by Jasna Veličković during finissage.


Out Of Office #3 curated by Matthew Britton with Constant Dullaart, Danny Brian Gonzales, Shia LeBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, Luke Turner, Jonas Lund, Karina Pálosi, Nick Zhu.

South Specific



Paleis van Mieris cordially invites you for a group show containing fresh works that are either South Specific, Site Pacific, Sound Specific, Scene Scientific, Sight Specific, Saus Specific, Sight Pacific or Stuffed Specific.

overview 1_internet
Esther Brakenhoff, Marc van Dijk, Barbara Dubbeldam, Maarten Schuurman, Thomas Slooijer, Lidewij Sloot, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Vincka Struben, Steffen Vogelezang, Joubin Zargarbashi

overview 2_internet

overview 3_internet

A Festival of Project Spaces Kunstvlaai 2016

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Rethinking Voids and Random Jointings


Graduation Show Research MA Artistic Research (2014-2016)
University of Amsterdam

After two years of research and studio work, the graduates of the UvA research master Artistic Research are showing their final projects. This small group plus guest artist will present on royal scale at Paleis van Mieris, the former depot of the Rijksmuseum.

You are courtly invited to the exposition and the presentations, we hope to see you there!

Opening: 24 June 19h-21h
Open: 25 & 26 June 13h-16h
Research presentations: 26 June 16h-18h


Edgar Morales Caamaño (MEX), A bricolage of multiligualism
Brecht Govaerts (BE), Rethinking Rock art through contemporary Art Theory: An Ontology of Neolithic Rock Art in Britain and Ireland
Emily Huurdeman (NL), PER-FORM, the performative essay and the essayistic performance

and guest artist Ilya Rabinovich (MOD/ISR/NL), Museutopia-Military museums in Israel project


Paleis van Mieris will open its doors for two weekends to offer you a sporty experience. An 18 holes minigolf court, built by Paleis van Mieris artists & special guests.

22 May, 17.00-0.00: OPENING NIGHT
23, 24 and 25 May: 12.00-18.00
29, 30, 31 May: 12.00-18.00
30 May: Concert Night by OORBEEK

holes created by:
oorbeek, Merel Kamp, Ovidiu Spaniol, Sander ter Steege, Steffen Vogelezang, Vincka Struben, Esther Brakenhoff, Marc van Dijk, Frans van Dijk, An Ngo, Johan Jensen Kjeldsen, Liza Prins, Maarten Schuurman, Martien Suijkerbuijk, Inge Coenraads, Emmanuel Eschner, Lidewij Sloot, Robbert Weide

On Saturday Night 30 May, 21.00 there will be a unique concert at the minigolf court by OORBEEK. The band will use Paleis van Mieris as a resonance box.

AS, een apocalyptische opera in Paleis van Mieris


AS, een nieuwe apocalyptische opera, is geschreven door Renske de Greef (columnist nrc.next) & Kasper Soeters in een regie van Pepijn Cladder (bekend van voorstellingen van het Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest). Alleen op 20 en 21 februari 2016 te zien in Paleis van Mieris.


Op aarde heeft zich een ramp voltrokken: door medische experimenten op mensapen in een onderzoek naar jeugd en levensverlenging, is er een gemuteerd virus uitgebroken. De mensen die ermee besmet raken, komen na hun dood weer tot leven en hongeren naar mensenvlees. Het virus wordt doorgegeven door een beet of een kras van een besmet persoon. Paniek breekt uit, chaos heerst, mensen keren zich tegen elkaar, steden staan in de fik en degenen die nog niet besmet zijn proberen te vluchten naar minder dichtbevolkt gebied.

Eén groepje overlevenden bestaat uit Tosca, haar broer Edgar en diens vriendin Carmen. Tot nog toe hebben zij het samen gered, maar het heeft ze veel gekost. Een week eerder is de groep gestuit op lone wolf Clara: behoorlijk behendig met het keukenmes, minder goed in sociale situaties. Gevieren verschuilen ze zich in een verlaten kelder voor het onheil om hen heen – niet wetende dat het werkelijke gevaar zich binnen bevindt.

script – Renske de Greef
zangteksten – Kasper Soeters
regie – Pepijn Cladder
kostuums – Vita Mees
fotografie – Robert Glas
grafisch vormgever – Wilfred van der Weide

Carmen – Sara Klein Horsman
Clara – Anouk de Jong
Edgar – Daniël Vecht
Tosca – Brigitte van Hagen